Shower Filter For Your Health and Beauty

Shower Filter For Your Health and Beauty

How does a shower filter help your hair and skin?

  • Improves dry, irritated and itchy skin
  • Good for sensitive and damaged skin
  • Improves hair condition
  • Protects dyed hair
  • Reduces chlorine-caused dandruff.

Invigorate your hair, skin and body with these Vitamin C shower filters by Vitamin Shower.

Public water systems use chlorine and chloramines in order to disinfect the water supply. This is an absolute necessity in order to keep the water clean until it gets to your tap, but the benefit of these chemicals ends here.

Chlorine exposure in the shower has been linked to dry skin, itchiness frizzy hair, dandruff, itchy eyes, headaches, sinus and respiratory problems and even cancer!

Did you know?

"Your body will absorb more chlorine chemical in a 10 minute shower with a typical un-filtered shower head than if you drank 8 glasses from the same water source found at your tap."

Vitamin Shower filters utilize environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C to neutralize up to 99.9% of the chlorine and chloramines from your shower water.

Vitamin C Shower ready to be installed

"10 stars. We looove this product and bought 2, one for the kids. You'll feel the difference in your skin, instantly. The water is soft and doesn't dry out the skin. Usually, I feel tightening in my face and back, like it's shriveling up...(it probably is!), with the Vitamin Shower, there is less need to moisturize and my Hair feels amazing. People comment on how healthy it looks" Paula- MELBOURNE

Chlorine and Acne

There is some controversy about the effects of chlorine on acne, with some folks claiming that the drying aspect of chlorine clears up acne, and other’s saying chlorine exacerbates their acne problem.

Studies have shown that chlorine destroys vitamin E, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, each vital to healthy skin.

The destruction of vitamin E and fatty acids due to exposure by swimming in chlorinated pools is claimed to be a major cause of acne, as well as eczema, and other skin irritations.

As well, there is a condition known as chloracne, where those who are constantly exposed to high levels of chlorine, workers in chemical plants, for example, often develop severe acne-like symptoms.

Though originally thought to be caused only by chlorine exposure, it has since been determined that chloracne is a direct result of exposure to massive amounts of any sort of dioxins.

Chlorine, being a dioxin, is certainly implicated in this condition. Thus acne, in any form, must be included among the harmful effects that chlorine can have on our skin

"We installed the Vitamin shower head to our shower mid last year, we live in Gladstone and the water is laced with extremely high levels of chlorine. As a result my skin reacts to the chlorine in ways such as red splotches between my eyes and skin blemishes (body acne) over my back. Since introducing the vitamin C filters to our shower, the prevalence of these irritations have reduced dramatically." Robert QLD

Chlorine and Hair

Our hair is especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of this chlorine gas. Each of our hair strands is composed of a cuticle surrounding and protecting a cortex.

A natural lubricant called sebum protects and moistens hair cuticles, giving the delicate cortex an added layer of protection.

The chlorine in our shower water, especially in its more concentrated, vaporized form, actually draws the lubricating sebum from the hair follicles, leaving it dry and lifeless.

Actually, “left lifeless” may not be quite the correct term because hair is already lifeless. Hair strands are actually dead cells from the body.

Thus these lifeless cells, when damaged by chlorine or other chemicals, such as those used in colouring agents, styling agents, and perms, cannot be regenerated, only grown out.

Chlorine is far more damaging to hair that has been coloured, permed, or otherwise chemically treated.

The ammonia used in many colouring and styling products lifts the hair cuticles, allowing the treatment chemicals to enter the cortex.

Thioglycolates used in perms and styling treatments penetrate the cortex and break down the bonds of the cortex that give the hair its shape, thus allowing the hair to be re-shaped.

When this already damaged hair is exposed to the chlorine in shower water, the effect is devastating.

There are measures that can be taken to minimize hair damaged from exposure to chlorine:

  • wash hair with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners,
  • wear a shower cap,
  • blow dry hair gently at cool, or medium temperatures,
  • and finally, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to untangle wet hair.

All of these measures, however, while helpful, are utilized only after the damage has been done.

Using a shower filter with a Vitamin C cartridge is proven to be the most effective way to minimize, even reverse, as much as possible, the damage done to our hair from the chlorine in the tap water.

Our Vitamin C Shower Filters have been shown to eliminate the chlorine from our water before it leaves the shower head, thus the hair is not subjected to this harmful element.

Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant that will counteract much of the damage already done by not only chlorine, but the chemicals used to color and perm the hair.

Also, the acidity of Vitamin C will actually help to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in our shower heads and tubs.

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