Dry Skin Solutions

Dry Skin Solutions

Dry Skin Solutions

The fundamental benefit of looking after your skin is that healthy skin generally means a healthy body. Unfortunately for many of us, dry skin is an unavoidable reality.

Dry skin can be caused by one of many, or even a combination, of factors, including excessive use of hot water, showering too frequently, and exposure to chlorinated shower water.

Unfavourable conditions such as these cause harm to the skin each time you shower. As the skin’s protective barrier is weakened from harsh chlorinated shower water, the skin becomes increasingly dry over time.

Despite the dire effects dry skin can have upon you, your baby, or your pet, there are natural dry skin solutions available.

For years, Vitamin C has been hailed as the ultimate solution to repairing dry skin. 100% natural, the Vitamin C contained in Vitamin Shower is the safest way to neutralize up to 99.9% of chlorine from shower water and therefore protecting the skin from suffering from dryness.

Of course, like with any skin product, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. However, the unique characteristics of Vitamin Shower make it the ideal dry skin solution for you, for your baby and for your pet for distinct reasons.

Dry Skin Solutions for you

Women and men alike can suffer from dry, irritated skin. While applying moisturiser religiously and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays with sunscreen can help to minimise the risk of dry skin, unfortunately these methods are not the be-all-and-end-all.

The answer to solving your dry skin woes?

Vitamin C.

Utilising environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C found in Vitamin Shower is the ultimate solution to not only repairing dry skin, but also protecting against the peril of dry skin in the future.

Whether you prefer a mounted or hand-held shower, with a range of unique shower heads and universal shower filters, Vitamin Shower is sure to have the dry skin solution you’ve been looking for.

Dry Skin Solutions for baby

Dry skin leads to an unhappy baby, and an unhappy baby leads to unhappy parents.

The highly sensitive nature of a baby’s skin makes it extra vulnerable to experiencing the discomfort of dry skin. With unresolved discussion of how frequently, or infrequently, babies should be bathed, many parents feel they are at a loss when it comes to finding a dry skin solution for their newborn.

However, regardless of how often you bathe your bub, the benefits of Vitamin C are vast for solving dry skin troubles. 100% natural, Vitamin Shower is perfectly suitable for use on baby’s sensitive skin.

What’s more, as Vitamin C is an inherently natural substance, there is no risk of hurting your baby’s eyes or respiratory system when bathing them with Vitamin Shower.

Vitamin Shower supply a wide variety of shower heads and filters, meaning you can find the right shower filter to use to fill baby’s bath from the shower head.

Dry Skin Solutions for pets

Just as chlorinated shower water is detrimental to the moisture barrier of human skin, it also dries out natural oils found in the skin and hair of animals.

If anything, the reality that your pet is much closer to nature and unable to protect their skin and hair with products themselves means that your pet is at an even greater risk of suffering from dry skin.

Use of Vitamin Shower on your pet is made easy with the availability of hand-held shower heads that come with an on/off switch for hassle-free pet bathing time.

With an adjustable water flow rate feature, protecting your pet from dry skin by using Vitamin Shower is in fact more water-efficient than using a traditional faucet and shower head.

The added benefit of Vitamin Shower as a dry skin solution for pets is that Vitamin C-based water as opposed to chlorine-based water helps to eliminate pet dandruff, making for much less mess for pet owners to clean up.

More than just a Dry Skin Solution

The impressive advantages of using Vitamin Shower as a dry skin solution speak for themselves.

However, Vitamin Shower is much more than a dry skin solution – it possesses amazing health benefits across the board.

The Vitamin C solution found in Vitamin Shower can also improve the health of damaged hair, eczema and breathing difficulties.

"Dear Vitamin Shower, I have been using your product for the past year, and the difference in my skin and hair is amazing. I use to have extremely dry skin, and would use body lotion in the morning and at night. Since using the Vitamin Shower my skin is so much softer and I don’t use nearly the amount of lotions anymore. I also have colour treated hair and my colour last months longer since using your product. My hair stylist has also commented that my hair is softer and grows faster than it use to.” Christine SA

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