Looking for an Environmentally Friendly Shower?

Looking for an Environmentally Friendly Shower?

Looking for an Environmentally Friendly Shower?

In recent years, Australians have become progressively environmentally-conscious with the high-use of water making it an increasingly valuable resource.

The harmful chlorine and chloramine chemicals found in everyday tap water would lead most people under the false pretence that it is a near-impossible feat to find an environmentally friendly shower.

With a view to looking after our precious earth, Vitamin Shower have created a range of environmentally friendly shower heads and filters.

Our revolutionary shower heads and filters are kind on the environment thanks to the utilisation of natural food grade Vitamin C.

By using Vitamin C, up to 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines are neutralized from everyday tap water, meaning there is a hugely reduced detrimental impact upon the environment when shower water goes down the drain.

Vitaminshower cartridges

It is through the use of this unbeatably safe and least toxic de-chlorination media that makes Vitamin Shower stand out above any other environmentally friendly shower available on the market.

With each Vitamin C cartridge containing the equivalent of 250 oranges, Vitamin Shower provides a natural solution to installing an environmentally friendly shower.

All of our shower heads and filters have the highest 3 star Water Saver Rating. This unique feature means that you can shower with peace of mind knowing that you are not harming the environment.

Using no more than 9 litres of water per minute, as opposed to traditional shower heads which use up to twice as much water per minute, Vitamin Shower’s environmentally friendly shower heads and filters are the unbeatable water efficient showers available on the Australian market.

I have used the Lotus vitamin shower head for three years now and I love it. The Lotus has a nice flow to it, it's a water-saving shower head and best of all with the filters it takes the chlorine out of our water, this is very important to me because our water is heavily chlorinated and I suffer from eczema.

I would recommend the vitamin shower to anyone who cares about the quality of the water they shower in and I recently recommended it to my daughter-in-law who is also an eczema sufferer. Five stars from me.


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