Shower Filter For Baby

Shower Filter For Baby

Shower Filter For Baby

New parents get tons of advice from well-meaning family members who "know it all". No matter what the topic, there will be someone in your family that thinks they know better than you and they will not be shy about sharing it!

You will get varying degrees of advice when it comes to newborn bathing.

Some sources will say you only need to bathe baby once a week. Some say 2-3 times per week.

And most friends will tell you to bathe your baby every day! Oddly enough, I've known people to do all of these and their babies did not suffer in the least!

Of course, common sense will tell you that dry skin on a newborn means that he is either being bathed too frequently, or the soap is too harsh for his delicate skin. Or...

There is too much chlorine in your bath water

Chlorine being there at all is not good- even worse is when it's especially high.

Chlorination is used to sanitize our water systems, and brings water into your home relatively free of bacteria and protozoa.

But chloroform, a by-product of chlorination is the chlorine smell that you can probably notice when you run your tap water with no filter.

These chemicals are inhaled as well as absorbed through the skin. So you have more to be concerned with besides dry skin!

What will you do about the chemicals your baby is absorbing?

For chemical free bathing for both you and your newborn, get a shower filter. Put the filter on your shower, and fill your baby's bath with water from that shower head.

They are also great for toddlers who are bathing in the "real" tub. Just fill up the water with the shower head and the bath water is clean and healthy.

If you have a toddler suffering from respiratory problems, or skin conditions this is especially important.

Safe for babies and young children

  • Vitamin C is great for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Protect children's sensitive skin and eyes from irritating chlorine and chloramine
  • Prevent respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of vaporized chlorine particles.

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