Shower Filter for Pets

Shower Filter for Pets

When it comes to baths for your pets

Chlorine dries out the natural oils found in your pet's skin and hair. These oils protect your pet's skin and gives their coat that lovely glow.

Just as when you have had a swim you will notice your hair is damaged and your eyes are red, your pet will be affected.

But being closer to nature they probably feel it much more that we do.

Besides the bad effect on fur and skin, chlorine vaporizes quickly in hot water. So your pet ends up breathing chlorine gas.

Whether it's for drinking or washing why should we give our pet's normal tap water with all the chemicals in it?

Chlorine for example is about as unnatural a product as you could get. It was invented as a nerve gas for use against humans. It serves a good purpose in water i.e. to kill off nasty bacteria.

But it doesn't taste good to your cat or dog. And there are various claims about its impact on health. We all know our pets are family, so if you are concerned about your pets health, now you have a solution.

"One of my cats will only drink water from the showers, now that I have these filters on. She won't drink regular tap water. She will sit and wait for me to get up and turn on the shower in the morning and drink from the floor while I stand around waiting to get in haha." Nicole

You can remove chlorine from your pet's drinking water & bath time.

You and your pet will soon notice the difference. Our customers report that their animals seems happier and look healthier.

  • Filters out up to 99.9% of the harmful chlorine and chloramine contained in tap water.
  • Revives and protects pet's skin, while keeping their fur shinier and healthier.
  • Includes optional massaging action, providing additional therapeutic benefits for pets, and with a on off switch it makes bathing your pet easier..
  • Water flow rate feature that uses up to 50% less water than traditional faucets and shower heads.
  • Great for pets:
  • Protects pets’ skin and hair from the chlorine and chloramines of tap water
  • Eliminate pet dandruff, which is commonly caused by chlorine exposure.
  • Great for fish tanks and aquariums, no need to treat the water.

"My Siamese fighting fish seem to enjoy the water and I now don’t have to treat the water for them, they also say thanks.” Robert - QLD

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