Cartridge Pack of 3 Vitamin C Shower Longer Lasting Filter Cartridges



1 x Cartridge Pack Of 3 Vitamin C Shower Longer Lasting Filter Cartridges

Newer, Bigger, Better, Longer Lasting Cartridge

For the last 4 years we have been offering the Universal Vitamin Shower Filter with the DOLKI Ceramic Ball at the bottom. Every year we got more and more people asking if we could replace the ceramic ball with a bigger cartridge to make the cartridges last longer and at last they are here.

The new cartridge length takes up the entire chamber meaning if you have the old style Vitamin Shower and you would like to upgrade to the newer, longer lasting cartridges, you can just remove the ceramic ball and replace with the new cartridges.

The new cartridges will extend your cartridge life for an extra month taking it from 2 months to 3 months meaning you don't have to replace your cartridges as often, saving you time and money.

See below to see the difference between the new and old cartridges.


How the New Longer Lasting Vitamin Shower Cartridge fits into the new Vitamin Shower compared to the smaller cartridge

Buy 1 x 3 Pack Of Vitamin C Refill Cartridges

Vitamin C Removes 99.99% of the chlorine and chloramines from your shower water.

Environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.

How do I know when I should replace the Vitamin C shower water filter cartridge?

The Vitamin C shower filter cartridge case is transparent. You can actually see the Vitamin C crystals in the cartridge. As you use the Vitamin Shower the crystals will slowly dissolve until all you can see is water in the cartridge, this is the time to replace with a new cartridge.

Each Vitamin C cartridge contains the equivalent of 300 oranges and will generally last approximately 8-12 weeks depending on usage, or 15,000 litres of water*.

* 15 000 Litres is based on using a water saver shower head

Vitamin Shower Cartridge Replacement

To make your Universal Vitamin Shower Filter purchase the best shopping experience possible, when your replacement cartridges are due for renewal, we will contact you and with a few simple clicks, you will have your cartridges on your way to you. 

  • Super simple cartridge replacement process

  • When the cartridge is due for renewal, we then contact you.

  • Once confirmed, we arrange everything and have new replacement cartridges delivered to your door. 

The Vitamin Shower Guarantee

“Our customers love our products so much that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee”

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